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The aim of our association is to provide Internet access to the non-profit sphere in Hungary. Access to the Information Superhighway in our country is now only available via commercial or academic spheres. The commercial Internet providers are expensive, and therefore not affordable for the general public. This problem also applies to non-profit organisations like NGOs, social movements, minority groups and subcultures, whilst freshly graduated university students, independent art groups and FidoNet (Bulletin Board System) folks are excluded by high costs as well. The historical significance of the new Internet possibilities need not to be merely academic or commercial. Environmental, human rights, peace and minority movements must also benefit from this very effective tool. News coming through such networks can often be the only reliable source of information from supressed countries, or those areas, which are out of the picture of the traditional mass media. Digital telecommunication is fast, cheap, uncontrollable and politically independent.

Our organisation is an answer to the emerging social need for a low-cost, reliable and non-profit Internet and on-line data provider. We are planning a complex of services, the financial support needed will be achieved by appealing to foundations, state funds, companies and private supporters.

We would like to support the self organizing efforts of local communities, by means of providing effective communication channels and information resources. Public Access means to set up a dial-up server, which enables the user to connect to the global information superhighway. However, connection itself is not enough : we would like to fill our server with on-line data from NGOs, to enable them to show their existing databases, or those that are to be developed. To overcome technical difficulties we are planning to manufacture low cost, network oriented machines and supply used hardware and parts as well. Our machines will come with public domain software ready to run. We will set up a Help!Desk to help users solve their technical problems 24 hours a day. Tasks will include installation, maintenance, system repairs and help for users to get started. We will popularize cyberculture with the publication of books, manuals, periodicals, leaflets and fanzines dedicated to the know-how of the Internet. A CyberCafe will be established, it will be a creative space with public terminals and serve as a meeting and focal point for the growing subculture of hungarian hackers, Internet and BBS users.

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